Friday, February 5, 2010


salam dude!!
yeay...exam is over...
now i can sleep and eat more than before.
its tyme to do wutever we want..
eat.sleep...watching soo on..
ok...semua mcm x bermanfaat je..
dunt worry..nnti i'll be going for seminar dkt university..
sumtimes..oliday la tyme where u can fill up with those ilmu2..about med or anything..
plus..will be going for a aswan, luxor..and hurghada..yeayhuuu...

yesterday..went to cairo with afiq, anan and diya.. by bus..
our aim is to meet our friend who came all the way from moscow!
and today..he's going back to moscow ! :(
bon voyage dude!!!
gonna miss u! :)

so...we (5-including safwan) went to hussein after [picked safwan at perak's house) sumwhere in akhir sabek..
hussein is the place where u can get wutever u want.. from a-z..
but of coz..the price..sumtimes..more cheaper in my place compared to those at hussein.. far kitaorg pegi hussein and city star...
bile la nak dpt peluang pegi piramid kan..

pertemuan di rumah perak!

~first tyme naek bas around cairo! ~


~i kick u..u kick me!~ (tyme ni tgh tunggu afiq gi toilet..lama gileeeeeeee!)

~ahaha..kne paksa pakai!~

~haha..ok.. dh gile dh!~

blasah safwan!!!

high skewl musical part 10! haha

otw ke city star!! jom kaki!!!


ok la...
nak layan muvie!!!

p/s: bbuurrrpp...kenyang gile..makan nasi ayam jiran sebelah ! mekacih ye! :) ~
rindu nyee mak saye! :((

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