Monday, May 10, 2010


~it's been a while since i wanted to make an apple crumble 1 week ago..
so, the day before yesterday, i bought all the ingredients....
then straight away took more tyme for preparation than i thought..
at first, having trouble with the crumble flour....suppsd to put more flour, but i put more butter than, the crumble wasn't a crumble at all..ahaha..

despite all these, my baked still ok and succeed!..
i've made sum custard to eat with the crumble..
soo tasty!
bcoz i was too tired on dat day,, i've baked only for few ppl....
next tyme, i'll bake sum more!

since today is a special day for all mothers over the world..
so, i have sum things to say for my lovely montel mum! ehehe

u've done soo many things for me,
u have never been bored neglect for everything i act,

u r sumone dat i dunt want to lose to,
without world seems dunt even exists,

for me u r like a candle...
which enlighten me up whenever the dark infill my life...

i need u for every,
ur my soul..ur my life..ur my everything...

u've raised me up..from noing nuting until now..
until i be a this little oh no2,, diz big cutie sweetie girl..ur daughter op coz! ehehe
my love to u is soo..uncountable..
i just dunno how to repay those thing u've had done to me..
but mum,
i'll promise to myself..dat i will study hard..and be such a good lovely sweet doctor one day...
and i will take a very good care to u...just like u did to me when i was born...
i've got a lot more to say..but i'll keep it for ur besday! ehhee..
tq 4 everything..
my love to u just countless...

i love u wit my whole heart- hepi mother's day!

p/s: i feel free , relief than before... =)

just worry about the exam!