Thursday, August 26, 2010


1st of all...
just got back from OU...
fuh, the traffic was really2 killing my legs...
luckily i arrived earlier than i expected...
straight away break fast...then settle up everything..

tomorrow is nuzul quran..
public oliday for those who r working around selangor...
poor wilayah..
so, back to the maen story..
as i told u in the previous post, i will meet my friend aiman at OU..
spposed to be 3 of us, but then, last minute diya couldn't make it coz she had to go to the hospital to visit her nenek...

hoepfully she'll be fine

so, only me and aiman wandering around OU.
it's been a long time i haven't step on OU since i came back from egypto.....

so, me and aiman watched step up 3..
oh man, dat movie was so great until it makes me wanna dance too!!!
how smooth , nice...they were dancing...
if and only if i cud dance and be as thin as sharni vinson, who play a role as natalie...

finished watching muvie, we went for shopping!!!!
fuh, sale is like everywhere!!!

diz is aiman!!!
she wear a new spec!!!
neway, have a safe flight 2morrow!!!
gonna miss u honey!!!

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