Monday, August 23, 2010

~shooting time!!!~

many ppl r using dslr ...
it turns to become new trend among ppl, esp students..
either canon , nikon or sony..or maybe olympus...

i've experienced both canon and nikon...
both of them r good in their showmanship, depends on how u use and set it...

one thing i like about canon is its skin colour. it has soft, and bright skin color compared to nikon. nikon more to vivid and actual skin color.
by means, nikon will shot the exact color of its surrounding, but canon, turns to be more bright and soft.
so sumtimes, ppl who have dark skin color, will look more bright using canon.
(dats one of the reason i like taking ppl's face with canon!!)

i'm a nikon's user!!!, (which belongs to my sister before...) so, yah, keep on using it since my sister is no longer using it after being a doctor!!. muahahha...

well, being with nikon for 2 weeks, i guess i'm quite impressed with it performance. although not as soft, bright as canon, yet , it shot an actual photo skin color.
means dat, it will capture the exact color. which i've mentioned earlier.

oh, having a speedlight is such a blast!!!!.
the pic can be more clearly and brightly during nite!
oh yeah!!
it was actually broken for the couple of days. so,ive sent it to nikon center, which in PJ, menara pkns.
and yeah... it can be use now!!!!

so, now..i'm starting to learn few things about it works..and how to use different mode..and so on..

so, i've taken few photos ... (location: my own lovely house)
not so pro....
but, nvm..who cares..

take a look!!!

and then..
i tried to do my own long exposure photos..


i encirlce u!!

~so, as a reader, which one do u think is da best shot from me?~

... hoping to post more photos ...

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  1. I like da encirlcle u ONE!!!! Hahahaha XD

    Tp klo tgk btol2.. Da last pic of dat flower tu lawaaaa~~ I loikeee~~ ^_^