Friday, November 6, 2009


again and againnnn!!!!!

i need to PRESENT in front of da hall again..and again!!!!
guess wut??every semester i need to present a case! i've tried my best to avoid being chosen from from presenting a case.. BUT??? y ME????
AM I SOO talkative till make ppl attracted to me??
OR am i just beingg sooo LUCKY HUH???

more or less...still need to finish up the slides and all..uurrghhh... tooo lazy to design slides...

neway..the case is about "Inheritance of Blodd groupp" which is not soo difficult since i've learned about it during my 1sem.

still haven't finished preparing the slide.. got moree things to doo.. plusss... lecture notess..also still emptyyyy..uuurrrghh!!! -ten chi on!!!!~ no2...avoid being ten chi onnn..coz it might affect our health.. try to do sumting dat can make me eating !!! yeahuuuu..oopss...!

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