Sunday, November 8, 2009

~best nyeee..~

(short post i guess!)

apa yg best??? laa..coz my fwens yg selected got JPA nye loan! yeay! hepi for them..eventhough i didn't apply bcoz of sum reason.. yet..still hepi for em'..

hurmm..tpi an.. sumtimes..ase mcm envy pon laaa..can u imagine..after this..they dunt have to use their parent's money to pay the studies lucky they r aight2????

but..for those who r unlucky..dunt be sad..u guys cn try for the next yr... insyaAllah!

neway.. my presentation was over!!!
fuhh! everything went smooth and silky.. eventhough there were few things i missed out about inheritance- genotype and phenotype...hurmm..

but..yeah..ppl do make mistake and do forgetting..

next things to do r..
trying to complete all the lecture notess..and revise all the cases starting from case 1- case 5!
haishh...too many too cover yet too eager to eat! oopss..hahha

self-word : keep smiling and cheering to everyone! :)


  1. ~only smiling?? no comments?? regarding my presentation?? :(~

  2. ouh2. lupa bos. haha.
    aku tak pegi pun sbnrnya.
    tp mengikut apa yg spy aku cakap, ko mantap mcm biasak laa :D
    congrats! ;)

  3. ~mantap apo kobondo nyo??besa2 ajek! ~