Monday, November 9, 2009

~kena postpone!~

well...just knew dat our mid sem exam has been postponed to 7 dec i guess!!!!
wth man??? so..diz means dat there will be no olidayss for mid sem exm?? how about my planning for the aidil adha nye oliday nie???eeeee.....

i'm sooo excited and eagerly nak study for mid sem exam..but surprisingly + shockingly..dh kne tunda... oh noooo!!! plus..more pathetic..there r rumors saying dat.. 2 more cases, case 6 & 7 will be added in our mid sem exam... betul ke?? betul ke??

but..wutever it is..
i'll just keep studying and studying no matter wut happen...! ye dokk???

~p/s : i love my-Yuki!~

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