Monday, November 16, 2009

~when WE.....~

~start with hyperventilation..~
This morning..
me & rai woke up very late! (both were staying up last nite)
Rai suddenly..Conscious and immediately went to my room and “ Fatttttttttt....we’re late!!!!” Meantime, I was still sleepingggg and unconscious..haha (even though my phone kept alarming )

Seriously..usually when we’re sleeping late..still manage to wake up early on da next day..but weird..this morning..everything was like upside down..

Then, both of us were like.... in a chaos.. grabbing this and this..putting on this and this..

QuiCkly we ..Stopped a taxi... (and said " Kulliyahhhhhh Tib!!!!")

Then we’re running like a moron all the way to pbl’s room. Rai arrived 1st. Me 2nd. Then, I saw she was tlking 1st with Sally aka miss rantai + boot...Hehe

Thank’s to Allah coz giving me the strength to run eventhough my ankle's still not 100% recover..


I straight away walked inside the room and pretending nuting happen..hehe..

Did the slumber face!

At the end of da pbl, I again apologised to da Dr personally and give her short explanation about my late! Hehe.. thanks doctor coz ur still mark right for my attendance! Really appreciate it! {^_*}

Hoping and trying not to be late again for the next pbl meeting! Teehee!!!


There're still 2/3 more objectives which haven't discussed yet!!!Aarrgghh.. Need to continue again 2morrow!


I’ll try to be there early! Heheh...InsyaAllah..

~ends with hypoventilation...~

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