Sunday, November 22, 2009

~wut else??~

~starting with bismillah..~

wut else?? i guess i dont have any ideas on writing blog at the moment.. indeed still wanna keep on typing and typing in this particular section of posting. (who noes maybe the ideas pop out in my head later on)

hurm...lately, i've been bothering about many things..they might affects da others. so, i guess..from now on.. just keep on concentrating on my studies and da up coming exams.. oh not 4getting..essay also.. (still thinking on wut topic to write). hurmm..

wait..b4 i end my post.. just a few touch on my tripped to alex last 2 days with 3 fwens of mine.
went there to buy sumting... hehehe..
meantime, met my junior.. she's so damn cool ok! ahah..
wut else????
wut else????
wut else????
i guess i'll continue later on in the next post.. ba'din2!!!

~disudahi dgn alhamdulillah~


  1. my thesis pun tak start lagi. bahaha.
    bersama-sama la kita mengikat kepala berhempas pulas berguling-guling siapkan thesis ini. gagaga~

  2. ~auni: haha..tu la pslll...tgh pening nak pilih tajuk apa taw!!!