Sunday, December 6, 2009


2morrow's gonna be my mid sem exam... (yet still blogging stealthily..isk3.. bad habit!)
today will be such a crucial short period day to revise all the cases starting from 1-7...
indeed still got few more lectures to go...

(aaarrrgghh)..diz is wut's gonna happen when " last minute study" turns up...
i need 100% concentration on my books... ok..slides..i guess...
hopefully i can make it...

keep thinking about going to slamlek after the exam...
planning on wut to eat and drink..
oh damn! i shudn't think bout fooooooddddd..

mcq is my weakness among all sort of exams...
do wish me luck for 2morrow and future..
may luck be my side and ur side...

-may success be our side-


  1. selamat menembak untuk esok.
    good luck for both of us -.-"

  2. gooddddd luccccckkkkk!!!
    mayy luckkk be by our sideeeeeeeeee
    mmg dugaan tol.

    p/s: memikirkan apple pie mcD

  3. ~auni: hahaha...
    auni...nnti abes exam..pegi la cairo.. beli apple pie mcd... terubat la rindu mu!!

    p/s bittaufiq wa najah!! :)~