Thursday, December 10, 2009

~y la??~

y la???
wut happen to my ipod??
arrghh..suddenly it won't open..though i've tried soo many times...
started since yesterday...
everything went wrong...

i dunt have any ideas..
plsss laaa..ipod!!
plzzz on..for me!!!
i doo need u!!!
ur my one and only !!...

i dunt wanna lose u...
ur belong to me..
i've had carved my name on u..
so plzz...on!!!

ur da one who was given by my brother..
though ur small..
but,ur very special..
imported from far..
which wasn't expecting about ur arrival...

if ur gone...
how about me??
how about the tyme when we were together since 2006??
i've had own u for very long tyme..
so..i dunnt wanna lose u!!!

aaarrrghh!!!! purlessssssssss!!!!

p/s : currently stressing about my ipod... though it's kind like an old version..but it's worth than anything!


  1. try tekan play lame2..
    or bhgian tgh lame2..

    kt x sure mane satu,but try tekan either 1 of them lame2.nnt screen jd gelap tbe2.pastu kuar logo apple.n InsyaAllah orait la tu.dulu kt nye jd camni gak.

  2. ~x bole..kita dh try..pastu kan..dier mmg kuar logo..tpi kan..nnti dier on off on off.. lama pulak tu!!! logo dier berkelip2!sedeyh giler!!!!!

  3. ah.
    maksudnye dh rosak terus.

    time apple logo tu dh kuar,awk trus tekan je.

    but kalo still lg kelip2,rsenye dh rosak la tu.

  4. ~tu yg kte sedeyh sgt tu! sob3....mcm mner la bleyh jdi cam tuh?? uhuk2.. x de rezeki..
    ~ :(